What to Expect

  • Entrepreneurs

    You'll be one of 25-40 business owners who are passionate about learning and growth.

  • Safe Environment

    Everybody gets a nametag we make sure you get to meet some of the other attendees.

  • Complimentary Book

    You get a BIG Breakfast and a copy of the author's book.  We don't let you pay for anything.

Chris Roehm


What Not to Expect

  • Elevator Speech

    We don't go around the room and make everyone introduce themselves.

  • Sales People

    We don't invite people who all they want is to get  your business card.

  • Self-Promotion

    There is no boring presentation about our services.  The entire focus is on the author.

                                             UPCOMING  EVENTS                                          

Ami Kassar

The Growth Dilemma

Most entrepreneurs are looking for ways to grow their companies. But they struggle with decisions about how much of their own money to keep investing, or where else to turn. They’re not sure how to think about the problems, obligations, and risk that come with growth.

This is the growth dilemma.


Tower Club

Friday, March 6, 2020

From 8:00 am to 9:30 am

100 SE 3rd Avenue, 28th Floor

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394

Please Note:  The co-hosts who produce BIG Breakfast are committed to creating a unique peer group experience. 

We only invite accredited investors: You either earn over $200,000 per year and/or have a net worth over $1M, excluding your primary residence.

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